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Boulder Police notice Missing Stuffed Bear In Craigslist Personal Ad
OULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Boulder police found an outsized missing stuffed bear that was taken from the MontBell store on the Pearl Street Mall 3 days past – on Craigslist.

The large, stuffed bear was taken from outside the out of doors gear store someday Tuesday evening. there have been no witnesses to the kidnapping and there have been no leads within the case till the shop was tipped off to a Craigslist ad on weekday within the “missed connections” section.

After the receiving the tip, Boulder police viewed the Craigslist ad, showing a photograph of a person foreplay the bear outside the Montbell store. The ad asked the ladies World Health Organization “may or might not have helped” steal the bear to contact the poster. Police contacted the suspect through the ad, and therefore the man confessed to stealing the bear together with his friends.

The suspect told police that he and his accomplices from out of state took the bear encampment within the Roosevelt National Forest, as a result of they thought it'd be “fun.”

The suspect aforesaid they gave the bear to a different cluster of out-of-state campers they’d met over the past few days after they left the campground.

Boulder police more experienced their campground and located the bear — being “held against its can,” they noted in an exceedingly tongue-and-cheek news unleash regarding the “late-night forest rescue” — in an exceedingly auto.

The stuffed bear doesn't seem to possess been injured.

“The bear doesn't seem to be battle-scarred, however he was missing his fishing vest once police found him,” Boulder police voice Kim Kobel wrote in an exceedingly news unleash. “The bear has not shared any info regarding what happened to him throughout the incident.”

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